Teen Tooth Loss From A Sports Injury: Call A Denturist Fast

Sports injuries are very difficult to deal with, but the loss of a permanent tooth can be detrimental for a teenager. If your teen is dealing with tooth evulsion you want to see a denturist, who is a professional with permanent oral solutions.

Dental implants are a much more reliable option in comparison to partial removable dentures, or even a bridge for the last tooth. The sooner you are able to get in to see the denturist, the better. Here are a few things you want to consider.

Dental Implants are the Healthiest

Dental implants are the next best thing for your mouth, next to natural healthy teeth for tooth loss. The implant is going to protect the gum tissue, it's going to allow the injured person to maintain a regular diet, and the implant is going to feel and look like a natural tooth. Your teen can brush and floss as they would with every other tooth in their mouth, and you won't have to worry about cavities in the implant.

Partial Dentures are a Pain

Partial dentures require a lot of maintenance. Your teen has to put them in each day, and hope they stay stuck to the gum tissue. They may get loose and wear on the gum tissue, and you have a lot of dietary restrictions with dentures. Each night, they have to be removed and cleaned, and then the mouth needs to be cared for.

These need to be adjusted and relined every couple of years, and your child could still have bacterial problems and concerns in the areas where teeth are missing.

Bridges are Noticeable

A bridge can be a temporary solution until the permanent implants are put in, but they aren't a great long-term option. You can see the metal along the gum line at the bottom of a bridge, and these can become loose or break unexpectedly. The bridge also only has an average lifespan of 5-7 years, which could leave your child with many future dental appointments for replacement.

The dental implants can last for a lifetime if your teen goes to their regular dental checkups and has their implants inspected regularly as an adult. This is the best treatment option for their oral health, and so they can have a normal life. You don't want them to stress about overnight stays at a friend's house, or if their teeth are going to fall out with dentures or bridges. For more information, contact Thomas H. Seal DDS or a similar dental professional.