3 Important Things To Understand About Root Canals

Taking care of your teeth and gums is essential to maintaining a high level of health. A sensitive tooth, or a tooth with sharp pain, may be a sure sign of a cavity, which cannot be ignored. If you go to a dentist and find out you have a large cavity, you'll want to know the following three things before choosing whether or not you get a root canal.

A Large Filling Can Save Your Tooth and Save Money

There are circumstances where a large cavity may have spread so deep into the roots that a filling isn't an option. A root canal involves drilling down into the roots and completely removing them. It also requires the tooth to be cut down for a crown to be placed over the top. These two things can be expensive. Some people don't realize that getting a large filling can be an alternative to a root canal. A large filling prevents the tooth from having to be completely cut down, and it is much faster to complete. Although large fillings are durable, they can expand within the tooth and sometimes cause problems.

A Tooth Extraction May Be a Better Option

In cases where you have an infected tooth that is either dead or discolored, it might be better to simply have it removed. If the tooth is in a part of the mouth that won't make it noticeable that it's missing when you smile, an extraction might be an attractive option. You won't need to have any drilling done, and the process of extraction is a lot faster. If you can afford it later down the road, you can have an implant made to replace the tooth you had removed. Implants look almost exactly like natural teeth, and they are just as strong.

Plan On Two Visits for Your Root Canal

If you and your dentist ultimately decide a root canal is the best option, you'll want to plan on two visits to have it completed. On the first visit, your roots will be removed and your tooth will have a filling put in. Then, the tooth will be anchored with metal and have a temporary tooth placed over the top of it. During the first appointment, a custom filling that will fit your mouth will be ordered for your next appointment. On the second visit, your dentist will see how the root canal is holding up, and then you'll have the brand new crown permanently placed.

Knowing that there are a few different options available when it comes to treating serious dental issues is important. You can choose the right option for your particular situation and your health needs. If you can't afford a root canal right now, then one of the first two options is probably the best way to go.

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