How To Make The Day Of A Dental Procedure Go Smoothly For Your Child

If your child has to return to the dentist (such as one from HC Dentistry) for a procedure that is more invasive than just a check up, they might be nervous about their visit. Your child might be looking to you for guidance and support. Here are four things that you can do to make the day of your child's dental procedure go a little more smoothly. 

1. Go Over Their Specific Procedure

Whether your child is getting a filling, having teeth extracted, or having a root canal, children might just be nervous of the unknown. If you can get your child some literature on what to expect during the procedure, this can help. Have your family dentist go over the details of a procedure as well, such as what tools will be used and the length of time this should take.

2. Enlist Help from Other Siblings or Relatives

Your child might not be as nervous if they can talk to another child that has undergone a similar procedure. If your child has a sibling or cousin that can sit down with them and explain their experience, this can help as well. It might be best if this comes from an older child that can articulate this information well. Check in with them first to ensure they won't make your child even more nervous on accident.

3. Let Your Child Stay Home

If you child will be undergoing an intense dental procedure, it might help if they don't have to deal with school or other activities that day. If a procedure is in the middle of the day leaves your child wiped out or stressed, don't force them to go back to school. Let them recover at home and start fresh tomorrow. While your child might not be in physical pain, they be emotionally worked up which can be exhausting.

4. Give Them Something Special After

If you can promise a treat to your child after they get through the dentist, this might help with nerves can give them something to look forward to. Depending on the type of procedure, this might involve picking out a toy or even an activity or trip to a restaurant they enjoy. If they aren't up to it after the dentist, make sure to make good on your promise in the future.

Dental procedures can be stressful even for adults. Don't be too hard on your child and try to be patient with them if they are nervous about an upcoming appointment. Do your best to guide them through the process and make the rest of their day a little less painful.