Where’s Your Tooth? 4 Steps To Take If Your Child Has A Tooth Knocked Out During A Game

If your child is active in sports, it's just a matter of time before they suffer a sports-related injury. Studies show that baseball and basketball have the highest incident of mouth-related injuries among children ages 7-17 years of age. However, sports such as soccer, football, and skateboarding can also lead to mouth injuries. One way to prevent mouth injuries is to have your children wear mouth guards while they're involved in sports. However, even with mouth guards, injuries can still occur. That's where an emergency dental pack comes in. An emergency dental pack will make sure you're prepared for a sports-related dental emergency. Your emergency dental pack should include the following:

  • First aid gauze
  • Small container with lid
  • Bottled water

Your emergency pack will help you care for your child's mouth when they suffer an injury, especially if their tooth is knocked out. Here are four things you should do if your child has a tooth knocked out during a game.

Stop the Bleeding

If your child has lost a tooth during the game, you'll need to stop the bleeding. Roll a small amount of gauze up and place it in your child's mouth. Have them bite down on it until the bleeding stops. You may need to replace the gauze a few times before you can get the bleeding under control.

Locate the Tooth

While you're tending to your child, you should have someone look for the tooth. If you can find it, you may be able to prevent permanent tooth loss. Once you locate the tooth, use a small amount of the bottled water to carefully rinse it off. Place the tooth in the palm of your hand and pour a small amount of water over it. The water will remove any dirt and debris that might be on it.

Preserve the Tooth

Once the tooth is cleaned, you'll need to preserve it for transport to the dentist. Open the container you have in your emergency pack and pour a small amount of water into it. Place the tooth into the water and seal the container. The water will protect the tooth during transport.

Get to the Dentist

Now that you've cleaned and preserved the tooth, it's time to get to an emergency dentist. If you can, you should call the dentist and let them know that you're on your way. That will ensure that they're prepared to provide treatment as soon as you arrive. If the root is intact and the tooth has not been damaged, the dentist may be able to reinsert it into the socket and prevent permanent tooth loss. 

If your child plays sports, you should be prepared for dental emergencies. Use the tips provided here to make sure your child gets the care they need if they have a tooth knocked out during a game.