3 Common Myths Associated With Getting Dental Impants

If you are considering getting a dental implant to repair your oral appearance, you may have some concerns about the process. Getting a dental implant placed can be a very questionable option for those who are particularly nervous when it comes to any type of dental work. Implants require a substantial amount of dental work, but they are not as scary as they may seem. The following are some myths that are often inferred when it comes to dental implants:

Myth: Getting Dental Implants Is Too Complicated

Once you have decided to move forward with getting a dental implant, your dentist will explain the entire process to you. You will need to prepare for having some preliminary tests and x-rays that will need to be completed before you can get the implants. After these tests, you will then have approximately two surgical procedures to complete the process. The first surgery is to implant a titanium rod in the jawbone that will hold the implant in place. After that has healed, which can take several months, you will then go for your second surgery in which the actual implant will be placed. While you will need to go to the office a few times before the implant is complete, the process is quite straightforward and simple so you will know what to expect.

Myth: The Procedure Is Very Painful

It is commonly thought that having a dental implant placed is a very painful procedure given the work that is done in the jawbone and mouth. You will be happy to know that the pain is very minimal. In fact, analgesic injections much like you would receive when filling a cavity is all that is typically necessary when getting a dental implant. You will notice some vibrations and movement of your mouth during the procedure, and you will be able to hear the equipment the dental professionals use during the process. If this is problematic for you, discuss it with the dentist beforehand. He or she may be able to prescribe some anti-anxiety medication to help you relax.

Myth: The Recovery Period Is Unpleasant

It is also thought that the recovery time after an implant is painful and unpleasant. Many patients find that the recovery is quite easy. You may be somewhat sore, just as you would after having a tooth pulled or filling. You may need to take some ibuprofen for a few hours after each procedure to take care of any discomfort you may have. Your dentist will also prescribe pain medication, but you may find that you do not need to use it at all.

Having significant dental work done can be very upsetting for those who find the dentist intimidating. Thankfully, new techniques have made the process of getting dental implants a very easy process. If you considering implants, make an appointment with your dentist to discuss the idea. Contact a practice, such as Louisville Family Dental, for more information.