Did Your Dental Implant Leave A Bad Taste And Odor In Your Mouth?

As with most types of surgery, there are always potential complications that you need to be aware of. When it comes to dental implants, you run the risk of getting an infection that could cause the implant to fail. One of the side effects of an infection is having a bad taste and odor in your mouth. Here is what you need to know about alleviating these problems due to an infection.

Symptoms of an Infection

If the area where the implant was installed became infected, you'll have that bad odor and taste in your mouth. In addition, your gums will look red and you'll be experiencing swelling and even pain in the area.

Treatment For An Infection That Forms Within First 2 Weeks 

When the infection is caught within the first 2 weeks following your surgery, you'll be prescribed antibiotics to treat it. This should help kill the infection before it spreads further through your body. Catching an infection early can prevent future complications.

Treatment For An Early Infection After First 2 Weeks

It will be a bit more difficult to treat an infection once it has developed for more than 2 weeks after your surgery. One of the biggest risks at this point is the dental implant failing because the crown becomes loose, requiring the removal and replacement of the crown.

For infections around posts within the bone, it may be necessary to remove the post that was installed and treat the infection. An infected bone in your jaw can create a significant amount of pain. Leaving the post in will cause the infection to get worse, causing more pain and further health complications as the infection spreads.

Treatment For An Infection That Forms Several Weeks Following Your Surgery

When an infection forms a few weeks after the surgery, it can be caused by a small gap between the crown and post. Bacteria can grow in a space left here, which causes the area around the implant to become inflamed and painful. Antibiotics can help kill the infection, and then adjustments will need to be made to your crown.

Managing Bad Odor and Taste

Antibiotics may take several days to completely kill the infection to the point where the odor and taste goes away. Be sure to rinse out your mouth several times every day, and gently brush after meals to minimize the side effects.

For more info about infections or other issues related to dental implants, ask your dentist, like those at Davis R Troup DDS PA.