Five Signs You’re a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers

Veneers are thin porcelain shells that go over your teeth after some of the enamel is taken from them. They are a cosmetic dental tool that is used to give you the perfect smile. This can be a good option for people who don't like their teeth or have had an accident resulting in a chip. The question is, how do you know if you are a good candidate for dental veneers?

Sign #1: Your Teeth's Appearance

If your teeth are badly stained to the point that whitening doesn't work, then veneers are a good option. These stains can be the result of a coffee addiction or years of poor dental hygiene. It is also possible that you have small cracks or sharp teeth and just don't like how your teeth look. If you are unhappy with your teeth, just talk to your dentist. Veneers may be a viable option.

Sign #2: The Alignment of Your Teeth

If you have a lot of gaps in your teeth or feel like they are crooked, then veneers might be a good alternative to braces. The veneers will help fix the crooked and separated appearance to give you a perfect and balanced smile. This is a perfect option for adults who never had a chance to wear braces as a child and do not want to wear them now.

Sign #3: The Condition of Your Teeth

Your teeth have to be in good health in order for you to be able to get veneers. There should be enough enamel on your teeth to allow the dentist to remove some of it. If your enamel is worn down too much, then the veneers will not adhere to your teeth. The end result will be that the veneers fail and fall off.

Sign #4: You Don't Grind Your Teeth

If you grind your teeth, then thican be a problem once the veneers are on. Grinding your teeth can weaken the veneers and cause them to fall off and break. If you're a person who grinds their teeth at night your dentist will probably suggest that you stay away from veneers.

Sign #5: You Like the Way Veneers Will Look

The dentist can create a digital image for you showing what your teeth will look like with the veneers in place. This gives you the opportunity to see if you like your appearance with them before you go through the procedure.

If you think you would be a good candidate for dental veneers, consider talking to a dentistry such as Stone & Johnson Dental Group about getting them.