Causes Of Canker Sores On Your Tongue

Canker sores can occur at any time and are annoying and quite painful. Sufferers may question why they are dealing with an outbreak on their tongue. These sores can be popping up all over the mouth for a variety of reasons.


Like so many other health problems exacerbated by food, a person's diet can cause flare ups. When a person eats a diet high in foods that are spicy, heavily acidic or highly concentrated citrus meals, it can irritate the system and canker sores can begin to develop. Canker sores could also be a response to an undiagnosed food allergies. This is especially true if the allergy is to citrus items or spicy plants such as peppers.


When there is a virus in the body, the immune system tends to have a meltdown. The symptoms of a virus could be something like a fever, but, in some cases, canker sores may develop on the tongue. It can also be a sign of an undiagnosed immune disorder beginning to grow and a doctor will need to be consulted.


Everyone knows stress can create a maelstrom within the body. It can cause heart attacks, asthma attacks and blood sugar levels going out of control. Canker sores on the tongue could be yet another sign of stress. The more stressed a person is, the higher the chance they have of developing these painful sores within the mouth.


Sometimes the reason for canker sores on the tongue is not something within the body. A blow to the mouth such as a punch or being hurt in an accident of some type can be a terrible experience. As the body deals with the damage done to it, the immune system starts to work especially hard. This response can flood the body and potentially cause canker sores to form on the tongue.

Deficiencies In The Body 

Certain types of deficiencies can lead to canker sores in the mouth. People who find themselves deficient in vitamins B-12, zinc or iron are at a higher risk at developing this troublesome condition. A doctor can check the vitamin and mineral levels and can prescribe supplements to fix the problem and improve the body's general health so it can prevent canker sores from forming on the tongue.


Canker sores usually go away on their own, but a doctor can prescribe medication to help this issue go away quickly. This may be in the form of an antibiotic, a special mouthwash, or even an ointment. 

For more information on why you might be getting canker sores and how to treat them, talk to a dentist like Gregg Mond DMD.