Causes Of Mouth Ulcers

There are many types of sores and abrasions which occur in the mouth, but a mouth ulcer may be one of the most painful types a person can suffer from. When someone finds this sore in their mouth, they may wonder what caused it and if they need to see a doctor.

What Is A Mouth Ulcer?

When a person wakes up to a painful sore in their mouth, the process to figure out what it is begins. A mouth sore can be red, grey, yellow, or white. It is an open wound within the mouth, and it will not itch or burn, as a canker sore does. It can form anywhere in the mouth, but it will not be found on the outside on the face or the lips. A mouth ulcer will cause the patient pain almost all of the time with rare cases being the exception.

Medical Conditions To Blame

There is a long list of medical conditions to blame for mouth ulcers. Cold sores, a similar-appearing trouble, can cause mouth ulcers to start forming. Oral thrush and hand, foot, and mouth disease are two conditions which may create a flare up of this painful problem. Patients with HIV or AIDS are often more vulnerable to having frequent mouth ulcers.  

Those who suffer from allergies to certain chemicals may find that mouth ulcers develop after an exposure. It is also possible for these painful sores to develop from holding an aspirin in the mouth for too long, causing an irritation to develop which can then turn into a mouth ulcer.

The Teeth

Sometimes the teeth can be the reason a person develops mouth ulcers. It can be something as simple as biting the inside of the cheek that can create the perfect environment for these sores to grow. Most of the time, the biggest cause of mouth ulcers is dentures which don't fit correctly. If they are too big, they will slip around and constantly rub against the skin, forming sores. If the dentures are too small, mouth ulcers may begin to grow under and around the inflamed skin.  


Rarely, mouth ulcers can be an indication of a mouth cancer. It is not a widely known symptom of this type of cancer. In order for a doctor to take these sores as a possible sign, they must recur often over many weeks without many months between outbreaks.

If you are having trouble with mouth ulcers, don't be afraid to schedule an appointment with a dentist like McMillin Jeff DDS