Top Foods to Eat to Help Eliminate Your Bad Breath

Brushing your teeth and tongue twice each day may be helpful for keeping your breath fresh; however, it may take more than that to avoid having bad breath. A dentist can help you understand various ways to eliminate bad breath, and one option he or she might suggest is eating certain foods. The foods suggested are all great options for having fresher breath.

Healthy, crisp foods

There are hundreds of food options you can eat, but choosing healthy ones can not only be a great way to keep your teeth healthy, but they can also help you keep your teeth cleaner. With cleaner teeth, there is a lower chance of having bad breath.

Some crisp, healthy foods you should try eating more often include apples, carrots, and cucumbers. When you eat these, they will actually clean your teeth. The crispness from these foods can wipe off bacteria and plaque from your teeth, and this will naturally help your breath stay fresher.


There are several different herbs that can also be great to eat for fighting bad breath. The first option is parsley. Parsley is a green, leafy herb used commonly in cooking, and it contains chlorophyll, which is a compound that has the ability to deodorize. When you chew on parsley, it can make a big difference in the way your breath smells.

The second herb you can try is cardamom, which comes in the form of seeds. This herb is often placed in chewing gums to help control the freshness of breath because it has the ability to do so. Cardamom is a common spice in Indian cooking too, and it is often used for medicinal purposes. Cardamom has a very unique smell. You may want to try chewing on some seeds each day to help with your bad breath.


Your dentist might also suggest chewing sugar-free gum each day. Sugar-free gum is safe for your teeth and can help freshen your breath from the flavor in the gum, but it can also help you mouth stimulate more saliva. Saliva cleans your teeth, and finding ways to increase saliva production can also have a positive effect on bad breath.

Fighting bad breath is important in life, but it can be hard to accomplish. If you are not sure what else you can do about your breath, you may want to visit a family dentist to find out whether there are other options.