Brushing Dilemmas: How to Get Your Child to Practice Good Oral Hygiene

For younger kids, good oral hygiene can be difficult to achieve on their own. Sometimes the parents need to step in to encourage kids in getting the teeth clean. The following are some ways you can help your kids get excited about good oral hygiene.

Use Electronic Equipment

One of the best ways to get your kids excited about good oral hygiene is to provide them with fun tools. Electric toothbrushes are fun and inexpensive tools that kids will get excited about using. These brushes do a great job getting into all the grooves of the teeth. Plus, your child will enjoy brushing so much with their cool toothbrush that they will likely brush for a longer period of time, and that is a great bonus.

Get Into Technology

Another way to appeal to kids to brush their teeth is to utilize technology. Kids are often engulfed in technology in many parts of their lives; why not include it in their daily oral-hygiene habits as well? You can find many fun apps for tablets and smart phones that will encourage kids to brush and floss their teeth. These apps include games, a way to track their brushing, and fun timers to ensure they brush for the proper amount of time.

Use a Reward System

If your child is really resistant to regular oral hygiene or does not want to put in the effort to have clean teeth, you can always utilize a reward system. While this may not be the most ideal option, it is a way to get the teeth clean, and that is most important. A sticker chart is an easy and inexpensive way to reward your child for brushing. You can print one from your computer or make one yourself with a ruler and a sheet of paper. Place it near the sink and let your child place a sticker on it each time they brush and floss. Once the chart is full, reward them with something they really enjoy. Some inexpensive toys from the dollar store are great. You can also take them out on an experience such as to the park or out skating. Do not reward them with candy or sweet items. That is counterproductive to your efforts.

Above all, the best way to get your children to practice good oral hygiene is to model it. As parents, you are the most influential person in your child's life. Let them see you brushing and flossing regularly so that they will not be in to the dental office for cavity treatment.

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