4 Things To Know About Full Mouth Reconstruction

Does taking care of your teeth seem like a waste of time due to them being in such a bad condition? Although it might seem as though there is no hope for your dental health, a dentist can possibly bring it back to a satisfactory condition. For instance, after treating infections and other conditions, he or she can perform full mouth reconstruction. Below, you will discover what might take place if you move forward with getting your mouth reconstructed.

1. Periodontal Disease Can Be Healed

The most important step of full mouth reconstruction is to make sure that you don't have periodontal disease. The reason healing your gums is important is because performing full mouth reconstruction with a disease present can lead to serious complications. You can end up with an infection that enters your bloodstream and causes harm to other areas of your body. Treating a gum infection should only take a short while to accomplish because you will be prescribed antibiotics.

2. Rotten Teeth Might Be Extracted

If there are any rotten teeth in your mouth, it is possible that they will be extracted. However, it is also possible that a dentist will be able to save them if the decay isn't too severe. Sometimes performing a root canal and getting cavities filled is good enough for saving rotten teeth. Dental crowns can also be placed on the teeth if there is still a satisfactory amount of enamel left. Extraction will likely only be necessary if there are huge cavities that have led to hardly any enamel remaining.

3. Weak Jawbones Can Be Repaired

If your teeth have fallen out or are at risk for it, you might need to undergo bone grafting if you want to replace them with permanent artificial teeth. Basically, weak jawbones will be detected via an x-ray before any surgery is performed. The dentist can repair your jawbone with artificial material or those from cadavers and animals.

4. Dental Implants Can Be Installed

Once your dentist has restored your oral health, he or she will be able to replace missing teeth with dental implants. The implants are ideal because they look almost identical to natural teeth. You will not have to be concerned about the implants falling out, as that will only happen if your jawbones become weak again. Dental implants will remain looking good for many years to come, but you must take good care of them by brushing regularly as with natural teeth.