3 Tips To Get You Through Your First Week With Invisalign Aligners

When you opt for Invisalign treatment, instead of placing braces in your mouth to straighten out your teeth, you are going to use a series of custom aligners to move your teeth into the desired position. Here are three tips that will help you get through your first few weeks with Invisalign aligners.

#1 Wear Them As Much As You Can

When you first have your aligners put in, it is going to be a little uncomfortable and feel a little strange. You are going to be really aware of them for the first few weeks. To ensure that your aligners work properly, do not take them out at all for the first two days. This will help you adjust mentally and physically to wearing your aligners.

After the first two days, try to keep your aligners in as much as possible. Many people who are interested in Invisalign treatment mistakenly believe that they can take their aligners out whenever they want. However, for the aligners to be effective, you really need to keep them in pretty much all day except when you are cleaning your aligners and teeth. The more constantly you wear them, the more effectively and quickly the treatment will work.

#2 Practice Talking As Much As Possible

When you put in your aligners, you are going to notice that you talk differently. Many people report feeling as if they have a lisp when they talk with their aligners in. This is natural as you are putting something new into your mouth and your body has to adjust. Even such a slight change to your mouth is going to affect your speech.

The best way to get past the lisp is to talk as much as possible. Keep talking and eventually your mouth is going to adjust and you will be speaking like normal again. The less you speak, the longer it will take for your body to adjust.

#3 Stay On Top Of Your Dental Health

It becomes even more important to stay on top of your dental health when you have aligners in your mouth. You are going to want to brush your teeth at least two times a day, although three is a great number to shoot for so you are brushing after every meal, not just the two big ones of the day.

When you brush your teeth, you need to remove your aligners. Brush your teeth really well and don't rush the process. It should take you a few minutes to effectively brush your teeth, not under a minute. When your teeth are clean, be sure to floss as well. After you brush your teeth, be sure to clean your aligners. You are going to want to wash them off with soap and water or a special cleaning solution; don't use toothpaste on your aligners. You want your aligners and teeth to be clean, because if they are not clean, your aligners will essentially help hold bacteria and plaque in place on your teeth, which is not what you want to happen.

When you first get your aligners, the real key is to wear them as much as possible so that you can get used to them and stay on top of your dental health.