Important Information About Dental Implants

Missing several front teeth can be unpleasant to live with, especially when it comes to smiling in public. If you feel as though people are always staring at your missing teeth when you are in public, something can be done to improve the situation. You can visit a cosmetic dentist to discuss getting dental implants installed in place of your missing teeth. He or she can also explain any additional dental work that might need to be done before the implants are installed. This article explains a few of the things that should be known in regards to dental implants.

1. Dental Implants Will Involve Installing Metal Posts

When you get dental implants, the cosmetic dentist will basically have to install metal posts in your jawbones. The procedure is done by hole being drilled into your jaw. The holes will be created in a way that allows the dentist to install the implants as though they are screws. The reason why implants must be screwed into the bone is because it makes them more secure, such as so they won't slip right out after being installed. Keep in mind that the metal posts are designed to act as roots for the artificial teeth that will be installed later in the process of replacing your missing teeth.

2. Weak Jawbones Will Have to Be Replaced

The condition of your jaw plays a major role in your ability to get dental implants installed. The reason why is because the implants will be a wasted investment if your jawbones are weak. The bad thing about weak bones is that they are not stable enough to hold the implants in place for a long time. The instability can also put your artificial teeth at risk of falling out while you are chewing food. If the dentist discovers that your jaw is weak, he or she will not be able to install dental implants unless you are willing to undergo bone grafting.

3. You Will Be Sent Home Before Artificial Teeth are Installed

After you have gone through the process of getting the dental implants installed in your jaw, the dentist will send you home for a while. Basically, you will have to heal and allow the metal posts to integrate with your bone. The time that you must spend at home healing can vary depending on your specific situation. Artificial teeth and abutments will be attached after you return to the dental clinic.

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