The Pros And Cons Of Snap-On Veneers

If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look, you may be thinking about having veneers placed over your teeth. Veneers can help to hide many imperfections, including small gaps, small chips, cracks, stains or teeth that are smaller than you would like. The biggest downside to veneers is that it can cost thousands of dollars to place veneers over the front of your visible teeth. If you are looking to hide your teeth but at a smaller price point, snap-on veneers may be something to consider. These veneers are fairly new and just starting to become more mainstream. Learning the pros and cons associated with this type of veneer will help you determine if they are right for you. Here are a couple of those pros and cons. 

The Cons of Snap-On Veneers

  • They Are Thinner Than Regular Veneers

One of the downsides to snap-on veneers is that they are thinner than regular veneers. This means that they will not last as long and can more easily break, chip or crack if you eat the wrong foods or participate in sports while wearing them. 

  • They Are Not Designed to Be Worn Around the Clock

The other disadvantage to snap-on veneers is that they are not designed to be worn around the clock. You are supposed to take them off at night. If you are looking for a more permanent solution to hiding your natural teeth, regular veneers may be better. 

The Pros of Snap-On Veneers

  • They Are Cheaper Than Veneers

The most notable benefit to snap-on veneers, and the reason why they are becoming more mainstream, is their cost. They are significantly cheaper than traditional veneers. If you want the look veneers but can't afford them, these may be a great alternative. 

  • You Can Wear Them While Eating and Drinking

The other advantage to snap-on veneers is that you can wear them while eating or drinking. Many people question why you would wear snap-on veneers instead of a flipper if you want to alter the look of your teeth. You can't eat or drink with a flipper in and that slides. This holds in place better, looks more natural and can be worn while eating and drinking. 

Snap-on veneers are a great way to hide your teeth when you are going out or have important events to attend to. But they will not last and hold up as well as regular veneers do. Taking the time to weight the pros and cons and then think about what your needs are will help you decide if snap-on veneers or regular veneers may be ideal for you. Visit a site like for more help.