Bad Breath: Causes And Natural Solutions

Bad breath is more common than you think, with 65% of people in the US having a problem with halitosis. Be aware that bad breath is not something you have to live with forever. It helps to know how to identify causes of bad breath and how to fix the issue.

Bad Breath Causes

A problem with bad breath can be due to cavities, an infection in the mouth, or overpopulation of bacteria. However, bad breath could occur by an issue that is related to your health. These include conditions that may be better treated by a doctor rather than your dentist, which include:

  • Digestion problems, such as constipation

  • Lung abscess or an unnatural growth

  • Kidney or liver failure

Your dentist will be better suited to deal with these oral health related problems:

  • Plaque

  • Gum disease

  • Tooth decay, such as cavities

  • Dental abscess

Bad Breath Solution

There are several ways that you can treat bad breath at home, which include making a homemade breath spray with the following active ingredients.

Alkaline Water

Using alkaline water will fight bad breath due to its pH value. Bacteria require an acidic environment in order to thrive, and destroying that environment can eliminate bad breath. The goal is to make your mouth an non-inviting place for bacteria to grow, and all it takes is some alkaline water to rinse out your mouth. Look for this water at a local health store.

Sage Oil

The benefit of sage oil is that is contains several ingredients designed to kill bacteria found inside your mouth. This has been proven by studies that demonstrate how sage can help defeat bad breath, which is thanks to ingredients such as thujone. It is what makes sage oil a powerful tool to fight bad breath.

Cinnamon Oil

Many people use cinnamon to fight bad breath because it contains an ingredient called cinnamic aldehyde, an ingredient known to fight bacteria in the mouth. It can be effective at cleaning your mouth, and taste good.

Bad Breath Spray Directions

Once you have gathered all the main ingredient, making a homemade spray is simple.

Start by pouring alkaline water (1 cup) into your spray bottle. Then add cinnamon (5 drops) and sage oil (5 drops) into the spray bottle as well. Blend it all together, and it is ready to go. Use it just like any breath spray, and it should help kill what is causing that bad breath.Contact a dental office, like Legacy Dental Arts, for more help.