Cavities Are A Bigger Deal Than You Ever Knew

There are a number of individuals who do not know the signs of dental cavities. Some individuals assume that dental cavities have to appear in the form of discolored teeth. Brown and black spots are common when it comes to cavities; however, some cavities are not as obvious. This can make it difficult for individuals who have them to understand what is happening with their oral health. It is also one of the main reasons that individuals should ensure that they go to their routine dental appointments. The following points will help you and your family detect tooth decay in its early stages.

Foul Mouth Odor

Individuals who have cavities may have bad breath. This is usually due to decaying tooth enamel. However, advanced cavities may have abscesses at the roots of teeth. The pus formation can cause the foul odor. It is also common for individuals with cavities to have poor dental hygiene habits. Individuals who do not brush and floss regularly may have bad breath due to plaque buildup. Plaque is a substance that builds up on teeth and it is a major contributor to tooth decay. 

Tooth Sensitivity

Some individuals discover their cavities as a result of having sensitive teeth. Even though there may not be visible discolorations, they experience sensitivity to hot or cold foods. This can prompt visits to a family dentist who can perform examinations to determine the cause of the sensitivity. Sometimes there are options such as porcelain veneers or dental crowns to correct these issues. However, advanced tooth decay may require a more aggressive approach. 

Opaque Spots on Teeth

White spots or indentations on the surfaces of teeth may be indicative that cavities are present. Tooth decay is essentially a "breakdown" of the enamel surface. This means that some individuals may experience dark spots on their teeth. Others may not. However, it is not ideal to wait until decay gets advanced to the point where teeth get dark spots. There might be a number of things that are happening beneath the gum line that could be life-threatening. 

A family dentist is a good resource to use for dental care. Some individuals get embarrassed if they have not had dental care as recommended. The issue with delaying dental hygiene is that some issues may go undetected. It is also possible that some issues may require more aggressive approaches to fix. For example, a person may be forced to get extractions to save their life. 

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