Six Dental Care Tips For People In Their 20s

Your 20s are an interesting time in your life. During this decade, you are generally getting established in a job, learning to live more independently than you did in college, and perhaps pursuing relationships that you hope will last a lifetime. With so much going on, it's important not to neglect your health—and that includes your dental health. Proper dental care in your 20s will set you up for many more decades of healthy teeth and gums. Just follow these tips to take great care of your teeth during this decade.

1.Find a dentist in your new locale.

If you recently graduated from college, you may have still been making a habit of seeing the dentist in your hometown when you went home on break. Now that your life will no longer follow that semester schedule, it is time to find a new dentist in the town where you currently live. If you have dental insurance, start by calling your insurance company and asking for a list of dentists in the area who take your plan. Then, narrow those dentists down by looking at reviews and asking friends for recommendations.

2. Start bringing dental floss with you.

When you're rushing out the door for work in the morning, you may not always have time to floss your teeth. Make sure this task does not end up completely neglected by packing floss in your purse or computer bag. Then, when you have a spare minute at work, you can floss your teeth. It doesn't matter that you're doing it in the middle of the day so much as that you're actually flossing daily!

3. Cut back on sugary drinks.

You may have relied on sugary sodas, energy drinks, and coffee beverages to keep you going in college, but now is the time to break that habit. The sugar in these beverages feeds oral bacteria, causing them to secrete acid that breaks down your enamel. Unless you want to turn 25 with a mouthful of cavities, it's time to find a new favorite beverage. Unsweetened tea, water, and sparking water are all good choices. Note that while plain coffee may stain your teeth, it is not as dangerous as drinking coffee laden with milk and sugar. So if you absolutely cannot do without your morning cup, make sure it's a black one.

4. Time your brushing.

During this busy decade of your life, you may feel like you're always rushing to get everything done. Resist the temptation to rush through your tooth brushing process. If you do, you may miss important parts of your teeth, like the back surfaces of your molars. Start timing your brushing session—maybe not every time, but often enough that you get a good idea of what a full two-minute brushing session actually feels like.

5. See your dentist if something is amiss.

When you're young, it's common to figure that problems will sort themselves out if you just wait. For instance, you may feel some sensitivity in your tooth and figure that it will go away on its own within a few days. While this may be true sometimes, you are better off safe than sorry. That sensitivity, pain, discoloration, or other symptom you are noticing may actually indicate a dental problem. See the dentist sooner rather than later so it does not get any worse.

Your 20s will be a great decade in your life, and if you follow the tips above, it can be a good decade for your teeth, too. If you have any additional concerns about dental care and health, contact dentist at a dental office like the Couchman Center for Complete Dentistry