Why Is Early Orthodontic Treatment Ideal?

While many people believe the best time to see an orthodontist is during the teenager years, early orthodontic treatment is quite beneficial for children and can easily put a stop to certain issues that are starting to occur with the teeth, such as overlapping and overcrowding. Although it is not as common to see younger children with braces, this earlier orthodontic treatment is becoming more popular than ever before because it allows children to have their teeth properly aligned much earlier in life while putting a stop to different issues that can negatively impact the children as they get older.

Handling Issues Earlier in Life

Aside from the cosmetic benefits of undergoing orthodontic treatment and getting braces at a younger age, there are a few other reasons to have children visit the orthodontist when they are as a young as seven years old. When a child starts losing his or her baby teeth and the adult teeth come in, parents may notice that their child's teeth are overcrowded in the mouth. Unfortunately, overcrowding does not just look bad — it is something that makes it more difficult for children to properly brush and floss between their teeth. Those with overcrowding tend to have a greater risk of experiencing tooth loss later in life. It can even lead to gum disease at a certain point.

Because overcrowding can have a negative impact on the condition of both the teeth and the gums, having that problem taken care of sooner instead of later is a wise decision. Any parent could choose to bring their young child into the office of the orthodontist for an examination. The orthodontist may recommend braces for the child, along with a possible extraction of one or more teeth that may be taking up too much space in the mouth.

What Are the Benefits of Early Treatment?

If a child receives early orthodontic treatment, he or she may have an easier time practicing good oral hygiene habits while keeping the teeth in better shape. Chewing becomes easier and those who have struggled with speech because of their teeth could eventually start to notice a major improvement in the way that they can talk. It can even help to put a stop to teeth grinding, which is quite common in children and is something that typically occurs in up to 30% of children.

Some children can truly benefit from early orthodontic treatment at an office like Donald E. Snyder Orthodontics. There is no need to wait until the child gets older to seek treatment if he or she is dealing with certain dental issues, such as overcrowding and overlapping of the teeth.