Just Get A Dental Crown? Follow These Tips To Care For It

If you recently had a dental crown placed on a tooth, you may have concerns about what you can do to ensure that the crown stays in place and does not come out. Here are some tips you can follow that can help make sure it stays in place.

Avoid Chewy Foods

Do you have some favorite foods that can be especially sticky or chewy? These foods can unintentionally cause damage to your new dental crown. It is possible that the foods will pull on the dental crown over the years, and eventually cause it to become loose. If you manage to save the crown after it calls out, a dentist can place it back on the tooth. However, a broken crown will need to be replaced.

As for specific foods you'll want to pay attention to, think of those junk foods that are particularly chewy and sticky, such as taffy and caramel. Chewing gum is another item that can cause crowns to loosen over time, so try to use breath mints to freshen up your breath instead. They'll dissolve rather than need to be chewed to give you fresh breath. Jolly Ranchers are another candy that will really stick to a crown, so just avoid it entirely. If you have a need for something fruity, try switching to actual fruit rather than fruit flavored candy.

Avoid Hard Foods

Any food that is very hard is going to cause problems to your dental crown. If you bite down hard enough on something with your crown, it has the potential to damage or crack the crown. The crown may be damaged just enough to allow bacteria underneath the surface of the crown and affect the tooth that it is protecting.

If you are a big fan of raw vegetables, you may want to know that their tough nature will not be good for a crown. Celery and carrots are two in particular that can be quite hard to chew on, and are better off cooked first so that they are softer.

Be careful with foods that can accidentally have hard elements in them. Popcorn may seem very soft, but you may mistakenly bite down on a popcorn kernel and cause damage. If you chew on ice, that is a habit you'll have to break. Not only does it provide no real nutritional value, but it can cause damage to that crown due to the amount of pressure needed to break up the ice.

For more information on dental crowns, talk to your dentist.