Why Use Self-Ligating Style Braces To Fix Your Teeth

Are you looking into braces to fix your teeth that are not perfectly aligned? If so, self-ligating braces might be the best fit for you. Here are some reasons to choose these braces over the other options available to you.


If your goal is to minimize the overall time that the braces must remain on your teeth, know that self-ligating braces will work faster than the other styles. This is due to how the archwire is fed through each bracket, which doesn't require rubber bands to join them all together. It can help move your teeth to the correct position in an effective manner that is going to not take as long to complete. When rubber bands are used, the friction slows down the movement of your teeth and causes the treatment to last longer.

Fewer Visits

The rubber bands involved with wearing traditional braces require that you make frequent visits to your orthodontist to make the necessary adjustments. Unfortunately, this process can be tedious due to having to make so many visits. Self-ligating braces need fewer adjustments due to the archwire being used.

Smaller Brackets

The actual brackets placed on your teeth are going to be smaller when using the self-ligating style. The brackets can also be made with ceramic material, which helps create a color that blends with your teeth rather than stand out. If you cannot notice the braces from a distance, it can give you more confidence in public settings. You can even mix and match metal and ceramic brackets so that only those visible brackets are made of ceramic material to make them less noticeable.

Avoid Extraction

One problem with traditional braces is that they can sometimes require that teeth be extracted when overcrowding is an issue. Thankfully, this is not an issue with using self-ligating braces. Your teeth can be moved appropriately to widen your smile and fix issues with overcrowding. If you have been told in the past that you need to have teeth removed, consider working with a dentist that can apply self-ligating braces to your teeth.

Improved Comfort

The brackets for self-ligating braces will have a lower profile, causing them to not stick out as far as other types of braces. This can help make your braces feel more comfortable since they won't be rubbing against the inside of your mouth during the day.

Speak with a dentist for more information on self-ligating braces.