Should I Seek A Second Opinion After A Dental Diagnosis?

Dental work can sometimes be very expensive and it can also be difficult to undo the work of a dentist. Therefore, if your dentist is recommending that you have a procedure performed, there's nothing wrong with seeing another dentist for a second opinion. Dentists have your best interest at heart, but when you receive an opinion from another dentist, you'll feel more confident about your decision. 

When You Have Oral Cancer

One reason to seek a second opinion is if your dentist diagnoses you with a serious medical condition, such as oral cancer. Because of the cost of treating oral cancer, the severity of the condition, and the number of treatments that oral cancer might require, you'll want to be sure that you are suffering from the disease and that your treatment option is the right one for you. Oral cancer is a medical emergency that will need to be treated not only by your dentist but by a full medical team.

When You're Surprised By the Diagnosis

If you feel uncomfortable with your diagnosis, you may seek a second opinion. For example, if you are encouraged to receive a root canal for a tooth that you have never had a problem with, you may be concerned about this diagnosis. However, it's also possible for a patient to have an underlying condition that went untreated but is later discovered by a dentist.

If you have recently started seeing a new dentist and you're concerned about his or her diagnosis, find out if your previous dentist is available. Because he or she will have experience treating you, your previous dentist might be a great individual to receive a second opinion from.

When You Want a More Conservative Option

You might want a more conservative treatment, but your dentist insists that a more invasive treatment is necessary. Another dentist might disagree and have an idea for a more conservative treatment or one that at least is temporary until you are ready to commit to a more invasive surgery.

When You Must See a Specialist

There are some cases where you'll naturally want a second opinion, such as if your dentist refers you to a specialist, such as an oral surgeon. You may choose to see an oral surgeon who is different from whoever your dentist recommends. Because an oral surgeon is an expert in this form of treatment, he or she will be able to better inform you about whether this treatment is the best option.

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