Adult Teeth Straightening: What You Need To Know

When you think about orthodontics, you may automatically think about braces and other teeth straightening options for adolescents. However, growing numbers of adults are getting assistance from orthodontists to deal with oral issues that impact the position of the teeth and jaw. The following are some things you should know about adults getting orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening.

Orthodontics Are Not Just for Kids

Anyone can benefit from a variety of orthodontic procedures, especially adults. Adults may want to address an orthodontic issue that was not addressed as a child. Adults may also wish to brighten or improve their smiles with braces or other alignment options. Also, keep in mind that adult teeth can shift with age and may require orthodontic treatment to treat the shifting teeth.

You Do Not Have to Be Concerned About Appearance

A common issue for many adults who want to straighten their teeth is the fact that adults may look odd wearing braces. Fortunately, teeth straightening technology and practices have advanced substantially, partially due to the influx of adults pursuing teeth straightening options. Today's metal braces are not as bulky and can even be placed on the backside of the teeth to help hide them. Many adults also have the option of clear teeth aligners that are virtually invisible.

The Pain Is Minimal

Unlike what you may have heard, orthodontics, braces in particular, are not painful. You may have some initial discomfort, but it will subside quickly. You may not even notice the braces are on your teeth as time goes on.

You Don't Have to Wear Braces for Years

Because of the advanced technologies in orthodontics, you do not have to wear braces for years as was the norm several years ago. You can get a nice smile in just a fraction of time as compared to the past with great results.

Your Health Can Benefit from Teeth Straightening

Aside from looking great, straight teeth has several health benefits. If you snore or deal with sleep apnea, straightening your teeth or addressing a bite that is out of alignment can help with those issues. If you have TMJ, aligning your jaw and teeth can help decrease or eliminate the debilitating pain from that condition. Straight teeth also help improve your mood by increasing your self-esteem, helping boost your mental health.

If you are interested in the benefits of adult teeth straightening, contact your orthodontist to determine if you are a good candidate.

For more information about adult orthodontic treatment, reach out to an orthodontist today.