Fixed Bridges That Are Supported By Dental Implants

If you have lost multiple teeth from your upper or lower palate, then your dentist may suggest a fixed dental implant bridge. The device not only restores the look of your smile but also provides bone stimulation to help preserve the health of your jawbone.

Here's a bit of information about fixed bridges that are connected to dental implants to help you better understand them.

What Are Fixed Dental Implant Bridges?

A typical fixed bridge includes false teeth that are attached to a base. On each side of the false teeth, there is usually a bridge crown. The bridge crowns are cemented to the abutment teeth that they cover to hold the bridge securely and permanently in the mouth.

Fixed dental implant bridges work in a similar manner. However, the bridge crowns are attached to dental implants instead of to natural abutment teeth. Like other fixed bridges, the connection of the fixed dental implant bridge in the mouth is permanent. The patient cannot remove the bridge. Instead, the device is treated like the patient's natural teeth.

What Are the Advantages of Receiving a Fixed Bridge That Is Connected to Implants?

There are multiple advantages to receiving a fixed bridge that is attached to the mouth by dental implants. Here are a few of them:


With the supporting implants, the fixed bridge is designed to last for the lifetime of the patient. Implants rarely fail. Additionally, if a fixed bridge ever incurs enough damage to require replacement, the bridge itself may be replaced without removing or replacing the implants.


The fixed bridge does not slip about the mouth as it is held in place by the implants' integration with the jawbone.

Bone stimulation

Each time the patient bites down, the dental implant can transmit the force to the jawbone to stimulate the bone tissue to produce new bone cells.


The application of a fixed dental implant bridge is likely less expensive than the application of an individual implant for each missing tooth.

Bite strength 

Due to its positioning within the jawbone, a dental implant can support the same level of bite pressure as a natural tooth. As a result, the fixed bridge supported by the implants can be used to chew and bite in a normal manner.

To learn more about fixed bridges that are connected to supporting implants, schedule a consultation with a dentist in your area.