When A Tooth Extraction Is Your Best Dental Treatment Option

If you have any teeth that are bothering you, your dentist can try several treatments to offer you relief. Most dentists recommend the least-invasive treatments possible to resolve issues with the teeth, but tooth extractions are sometimes necessary in severe cases. Your dentist may suggest a tooth extraction if you're experiencing some of the following problems with a tooth.

Chronic Pain

Decaying teeth can cause a lot of pain, and tooth extractions are sometimes the only way to ease the suffering. If an infection that causes pain has spread into the pulp of a tooth, root canal therapy can often be an effective treatment, but your dentist may advise you to have the tooth pulled if the infection is particularly severe.

Neighboring Teeth Affected

A problematic tooth can also negatively affect teeth that are next to it, and having the tooth pulled is often the best way to save the adjacent teeth from destruction. A severe infection may spread beyond a tooth that isn't pulled and infect other teeth. If a problem spreads from one tooth to other teeth, you'll likely need to invest more time and money into getting the issues resolved with more dental treatments.

Overcrowded Teeth

Your teeth may be too big for the size of your mouth, or you might have extra teeth that are overcrowding your other teeth. Extra or unusually large teeth can be pulled to relieve the pain and shifting of teeth that can happen because of overcrowding. Extractions of teeth that are causing overcrowding issues will also likely improve your bite and speech and make brushing and flossing easier. If overcrowding is caused by wisdom teeth, these teeth can also be pulled to offer you relief. 

An Unattractive Smile

If any teeth are misshaped, discolored or showing damage in any other way because of dental problems that can't be fixed with conservative treatments, your dentist may suggest tooth extractions to restore your beautiful smile. Dentures or dental implants can then be installed to fill in the gaps after the teeth have been pulled so that you'll look as though you have a beautiful smile with all your natural teeth.

Getting a tooth pulled might sound scary, but a tooth extraction is sometimes the best option that will give you the most favorable results. Your dentist will let you know if a tooth extraction is right for you, and any teeth that are extracted will be pulled using the safest dental instruments and methods.