How To Keep Your Invisible Aligners From Yellowing

For most patients, the key advantage of choosing invisible aligners over metal braces is that they're nearly impossible to see when they're on the teeth. However, some patients become frustrated when, after a few days of wear, their aligners take on a yellowish tint and become more apparent. This situation is avoidable. By following these tips, you can keep your invisible aligners clear and bright for the entire 2-week wear cycle. Read More 

Repair For A Broken Smile

A smile is confidence. It's a banner that declares you are ready for anything this world has to throw at you. It's a hello that opens doors. A smile should be something you never have to live without. However, if you knock out a tooth, your smile no longer conveys happiness, nor does it exude confidence. Instead, a broken smile can invite jeers. If you have knocked out a tooth, you need not go through life tight-lipped, afraid to smile. Read More