Provide Your Child With Knowledge And Support Prior To And After Having Braces Installed

If your preteen's dentist has recommended that your child wears braces for a couple years to straighten their top row of teeth, your loved one may be apprehensive about the impending change and be fearful of their altered appearance or the possibility that the braces will hurt. Ease into the transition by providing your child with knowledge and support. Include Your Child In The Decision Just because a recommendation has been made does not mean that your child has to have braces put on their teeth immediately. Read More 

Cavities Are A Bigger Deal Than You Ever Knew

There are a number of individuals who do not know the signs of dental cavities. Some individuals assume that dental cavities have to appear in the form of discolored teeth. Brown and black spots are common when it comes to cavities; however, some cavities are not as obvious. This can make it difficult for individuals who have them to understand what is happening with their oral health. It is also one of the main reasons that individuals should ensure that they go to their routine dental appointments. Read More 

3 Reasons Adults Should Get Braces If Needed

If you are an adult and your teeth are not in great shape, you might be looking at some cosmetic options to fix the issue. But before you do that, stop and talk to your dentist if it is still possible to fix your current teeth through the use of braces. What's that? You've never heard of an adult getting braces? Well, here are three reasons why it might actually be a smarter idea than you think. Read More 

Five Things To Be Prepared For As Your Denture Pickup Date Approaches

If you are about to go pick up your new dentures, you are probably filled with a mixture of emotions. You may be excited about finally having replacement teeth that enable you to eat normally again, but a little apprehensive about the adjustments you'll need to make in your lifestyle over the coming weeks. You'll have an easier time adjusting to your dentures if you know what to expect. Here are five challenges you may face as you adjust to dentures -- and some advice for dealing with them. Read More 

Why Use All-On-4 Dental Implants For Your Missing Teeth

Are you in need of an entire upper or lower set of missing teeth? If so, it may make you a good candidate for All-on-4 dental implants. Rather than use an implant for each individual tooth, this oral surgery procedure only requires four implants that have been strategically placed in your jaw. Here are some benefits of using this technique to fix your missing teeth. Stability The most notable benefit of using All-on-4 dental implants is that they will replace the need for traditional dentures. Read More