Is Your Smile Holding Back Your Career?

If you're looking to advance your career or land a new job, cosmetic dentistry could be the difference between success and failure. The brightness of your smile may not determine the quality of your work at the office, but it does play a big role in how other people perceive you. If you're struggling to climb the career ladder at work, subtle details about your appearance might be holding you back. Read More 

Treatment Options If Your Child Has Dental Ankylosis

When a child's primary teeth come in, the structure of the teeth mimic adult teeth but on a smaller scale. This means that the tooth emerges connected to a periodontal ligament that runs through the gums to join tooth and jawbone. In rare cases, that ligament can be replaced by solid bone that prevents the tooth from growing any further. This is called dental ankylosis, and it's a problem that needs to be watched for in young children. Read More 

Improve Your Posture, Improve Your Dental Health

When your parents and teachers told you to sit up straight as a child, they were probably thinking of the health of your back. And, of course, it also helped you look attentive in class! But sitting up straight for dental health? That probably sounds a bit strange—but it's true. Proper posture is important because your entire skeleton is connected. That might appear obvious, but it also means that things that affect one part of your body will also affect other connected parts. Read More 

2 Important Factors To Find In A Dentist That Offers Services For Children With Special Needs

Finding the right dentist to treat your child with special needs can be challenging, but not impossible. Many dentists are trained to treat special needs children, and this training teaches them the best procedures to use to encourage children to cooperate during dental services. If you are nervous about this and unsure what to expect, look for a dentist that offers the following things for children with special needs. Experience Read More 

Teen Tooth Loss From A Sports Injury: Call A Denturist Fast

Sports injuries are very difficult to deal with, but the loss of a permanent tooth can be detrimental for a teenager. If your teen is dealing with tooth evulsion you want to see a denturist, who is a professional with permanent oral solutions. Dental implants are a much more reliable option in comparison to partial removable dentures, or even a bridge for the last tooth. The sooner you are able to get in to see the denturist, the better. Read More